I've been having problems with RDB DAs performance and stability lately
(stability mostly) and I was thinking of ways in which the use of
connectors and cursors could be streamlined in Zope. I'm thinking about
DB-API 2-like based DAs here.

>From what I understand of the way Zope handles requests and models
concurrency and consistency, isn't it true that, for each DA connector
in the OFS, I would need only one low level connector and one low level
cursor per worker thread?

AFAIK, when a worker thread is calling objects in the course of handling
a request, any sql methods that are called will have all its result rows
converted to brains before returning, so a low level cursor involved in
this query would be ready for another query, no need to get another
cursor from the connector, isn't it right?

Assuming my reasoning above is correct we should be able to create a
single connection and a single cursor on __setstate__ of the DA
connector instance of the ZODB. The transaction boundaries would be
handled normally, but since a worker thread only handles one request at
a time, there's no need to close the cursor nor the connection at the
transaction end.

What do you think?

Cheers, Leo

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