Brian R Brinegar wrote:

Tell me where I'm wrong or if I'm lucky and got it right.

There is 1 client cache per thread on a ZEO client and 1 ZEO cache per ZEO
client. The ZEO cache is shared between the threads.

We have 3 machines 4 threads each that's 3 * 4 + 3 = 15 caches? Is this
correct? If so what's cached in each of the caches? When accessing the
cache parameters from the Control_Panel which caches am I managing?
The control panel manages the ZODB cache, of which you have 4 per box. Your manages the size of the ZEO cache.

Are you using Zope 2.5 or 2.6? You'll really want 2.6 for this, since it constrains the ZODB cache size much better.


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