> These are interpreted by the browser; they will not reach the Web server.

Well they aren't interpreted by telnet which is what I was using to
test.  :p  I'm not that green.

> (However, "un/restrictedTraverse" interprets it in the same way).

Which I did find interesting.
>  > You can't create objects with ids containing +
>  > or % or a host of other characters though (and btw the error message
>  > you get when you try is horrid, those characters are not illegal in
>  > URLs
> "%" is illegal (unescaped) because it is the escape
> character.

ok its illegal _unescaped_, still, you see what I'm driving at

>   My guess:
>     It was an initial simplification to avoid URL quoting at
>     many places. With the given restriction, you can use
>     ids directly in URLs -- no need to escape parts of them.
>     I hope (and expect) that the restriction will be dropped
>     when Zope becomes unicode based.
>     Not because I miss characters like "+?/..." but because
>     international letters should be allowed in ids.

That was my hunch as well, and yeah, if that is the only reason, I
hope it is dropped too.  It strikes me as a bit of a bodge, but a
forgivable one if there was something more sinister afoot.

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