> In the meantime, I think this list summarizes the adjusted goals well:
>     * configure; make; make install installation
>     * control script for starting/stopping/debugging zope

I'd like to compare notes on this.  Where's the control script that
you are using?  I'm hoping that we can use (some future evolution of)
zdaemon/{zdaemon,zdctl}.py in the Zope 2.7 trunk.  This separates the
concerns of

  - the actual server process (Zope/ZEO/ZRS; for ZEO, this is

  - a daemon subprocess manager, which restarts the subprocess when it
    dies, etc. (zdaemon.py)

  - a tool to control the subprocess manager, telling it to
    start/restart/stop the server subprocess, etc. (zdctl.py)

>     * config file for all options including logging,
>       servers, and databases.
>     * real "effective user" support (logfiles, database files, etc. 
>       dont get written as root if you start as root).
>     * better support for instance home/software home split
>     * better support for Windows services

I'd like to hear more about this; my zdaemon.py currently doesn't do
Windows at all.  Where can I peek at your code?

>     * RPM-building support.
>     * where possible, the banishment of environment variables
>       as configuration.
> All of these things save for the last are more or less complete on
> the "chrism-install-branch" of the Zope trunk.  The major missing
> piece is the fleshing out of the interaction between the
> configuration system (ZConfig) and Zope itself.  It works currently
> but it needs to be improved and canonized to everyone's liking.

Can you point to where Zope's use of ZConfig is?

> Since ZConfig will also used by other ZC software (ZEO, ZRS),
> there's a bit of back and forth that needs to be done to get
> everybody to agree on a way to do it.  Once that is worked out, and
> the proposal is cleaned up, I think we can just merge.

Apologies in advance: my refrain seems to be "where's your code for
X?" -- there's so much good stuff in your branch that I don't know
where to begin, especially not with the Zope part (in ZODB, I know my
way around better).

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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