>>>>> "CM" == Chris McDonough <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    >> * configure; make; make install installation
    >> I thought that there was an effort to use distutils, or to at
    >> least use a distutils-ish setup.  What happened to that?

    CM> It does use distutils, owing to the work of Matt Behrens and
    CM> Shane on the setup.py file.  The configure; make stuff just
    CM> wraps distutils to a large degree.

And "configure; make; make install" is a worth goal.  From a
sysadmin's point of view, they're already conditioned to doing this to
install open source software, so under the Pinball Machine Principle,
when they see one in Zope, they'll run that first before reading (the
whole) README file.  Low barrier of entry is a good thing!


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