seb bacon wrote:

>> 2002-11-27T16:16:26 ERROR(200) KeywordIndex unindex_object could not
>> remove documentId -869933785 from index companies. This should not
>> happen.
>> exceptions.KeyError: -869933785

> This usually happens when there are duplicates in the indexed keywords > and the record isn't updated before unindexing. Shouldn't cause any
> problems, though it isn't nice. This can be easily fixed by changing
> the KeywordIndex' index_object method to make keywords unique before
> indexing.

Hmm, recall that PathIndex error I reported a few days ago? That was also an unindex error, also exercised by migrating to 2.6.0.

I wonder why the process of *migrating* should cause dups in the index...?
The errors were reported when I was deleting object created in Zope 2.6.0 already, but that instance of Plone probably migrated 2.5 -> 2.6. We are migrating Plone, not Zope right now...

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