>>>>> "Casey" == Casey Duncan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Casey> Its easy to create an infinite loop. To avoid these, do
    Casey> attribute lookups from the instance __dict__ rather than
    Casey> directly from self:

    Casey> IOW, don't do:

    Casey> foo = self.foo

    Casey> or getattr(self, 'foo')

    Casey> (This can trigger another __getattr__ call)

    Casey> Instead do:

    Casey> foo = self.__dict__['foo']

in my case foo is a method not a properties

    Casey> (This won't cause another getattr call)

    Casey> As for examples, there is a complex one in the CMF
    Casey> Skinnable module and a simpler one in the Document module
    Casey> of my DocumentLibrary product.

I tried this too but zope return an error ('Type Error, unsubscriptable object').

Exactly this is my case:

I've a class called, for example, pippo. This cotain another class called pluto.

So wath I'd like to do is:
    <dtml-with pippo>
      <dtml-with pluto>
        <dtml-var expr="ciccio('parameter')">

the expr or method ciccio doesn't exist in pluto but I'd like to pass to a defined 
method the expr and its parameters.

A big thanks anymore for your help


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