DTML needs to be given the same amount of attention as it always has. For
some bizarre reason, DTML makes sense in my head....even complicated
logic... "Doctor! Do I need help?"

It's one of the reasons I really liked Zope three years ago when starting
with it.... The tag structure just made sense and was similar to a tool I
used to get database calls and logic on a web page...

"Long live DTML!!"

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> > erm... would "advanced DTML" not be the short sentence:
> > "avoid DTML where you can"? ;)
> That'd be ok, except that DTML can of course do things that ZPT can't,
> yada yada yada.
> > Btw. did you think of putting the whole DTML stuff at the end for
> > reference only to help migrating old products and turn the
> > whole thing a bit around so beginners get a clear path of
> > Zope development? I found it a bit confusing when I edited
> > the german translation of the 2.3 book a year ago.
> That's probably a good idea.  But I think the rewritten chapters explain
> when to use ZPT and when to use DTML.  And DTML still needs to be given
> some attention for the reason I say above...
> - C
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