Now there are five candidates of resolution for the Collector 623 issue raised:

1) Nakagami Patch:
2) Russian patch:
3) TAHARA's patch:
4) Rollback approach:
     Rollback some hassle code back to old & safe one.
5) Toby's proposal

Probably we should go to the next step:evaluation, decision, implementation.

When can we implement one of them and apply to the official release?

Time required for implementation (IMHO):
  (1)-(3) are patches which are already written.
  (4) is disabling some features, not very hard.
  (5) is a little tricky (not hard though), not sure how long it takes.

With which official version is this issue resolved?

  1.  As a hotfix of Ver. 2.6.0
  2.  Ver. 2.6.1
  3.  As a hotfix of Ver. 2.6.1
  4.  Ver. 2.6.2
  5.  As a hotfix of Ver. 2.6.2

My impression is:

  - In terms of implementation time, (1)-(4) look safer.
  - In terms of consensus, (5) seems safer.
  - In terms of robustness, (4) looks safer, as it doesn't add
    newly written code almost at all.

Any opinion from anyone is welcomed.


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