On 12/12/2002 12:30 PM, Jeremy Hylton wrote:

>>>>>"SH" == Shane Hathaway  writes:

  SH> On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Evan Simpson wrote:
  >> I think I've fixed my ZGlobals, but there's definitely a problem
  >> in coptimizations.  I made Connections.py use the Python
  >> persistent_id, restarted twice, and ZGlobals was fine on the
  >> second restart.

  SH> Ah-ha, you now have a reproducible test case.  The
  SH> coptimizations code has been undergoing "beautification" lately;
  SH> apparently this particular ZClass-related functionality was not
  SH> retained correctly.  This ought to be a priority for Zope 2.6, I
  SH> think.


Can you give me a recipe from reproducing the problem?  Ideally, we'd
write a little unit test that verified that the persistent_id code
handled ZClass properly.

FYI: I made such a test and fixed the bug. Details here:



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