>>>>> "SH" == Shane Hathaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  SH> Jeremy Hylton wrote:
  >> I'll have to take a look, but may not get to it today.  FWIW I
  >> thought I fixed the bug on Friday.  I could certainly create
  >> ZClasses through the web without getting any obvious errors.

  SH> My little test (attached to the patch submission) passes with my
  SH> version as well as your version, so it'll work.  My patch was a
  SH> lot simpler, though! :-)

I fixed more bugs than just the reported one :-).

  SH> We need to add at least one unit test.  testBug.py is a start.
  SH> Do you want to convert it to a unit test or should I?  If I do
  SH> it, which of the myriad of ZODB branches should I add it to? :-)

How about we call it testPersistentId?  It should be added to ZODB3
trunk and both the Zope-2_6-branch and the ZODB-3_1-branch.


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