Antonio De Marinis writes:
 > ...
 > In Zope there is an XML-export as everybody knows. My question is: does anybody know 
 >if there is a DTD for the Zope produced XML and where I can find it?
I think, there is no DTD.
As you know, XML document do not need to follow a DTD.

 > Why I ask for it?
 >  If I have a DTD I could use Zope objects exported in XML and use them in external 
 >XML processing tools with validation. A practical examples is to use them together 
 >with XML enabled translations tools like Trados TagEditor. Then you can just export a 
 >Zope object, send it for translation to the translators and get back all the 
 >translated objects ready to import into Zope via ZMI (no more time on boring copy and 
I do not think this is workable.

  The XML exported only describes the structure of the document.
  The semantics is covered only very implicitly.

  I doubt very much that you find an easy syntactic criterion (based
  on XML structure) that distinguishes between text to be translated
  (like "title") and text that must not be touched (like "id").

Look at the internationalization tools "localizer", "ZBabel"
and the internationalization support in ZPT.
I think these are better approaches.


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