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> Datum:        Sun, 22 Dec 2002 18:30:51 +0100
>Antonio De Marinis wrote at 2002-12-22 12:03 +0100:
> > ....
> > Localizer and ZBabel do not solve this problem. They solve the programmer issues. 
>These tools haven't really recognized the translator role and how they work. They are 
>not Zopatists and not any kind of Zope editor, they work in other companies and use 
>their own tools and XML standards. If we want Zope to be a real Multilingual Content 
>Management Tool then it would be a good choice to adabt Zope to the standards used in 
>these translations tools.
>I have not looked into Localizer or ZBabel in detail.
>However, as I understand them, they work with message catalogs (maintained,
>e.g. in a database).
>If this is true, you simply export these catalogs in a format your
>translators like, let them be translated and reimport.
If all text was kept in a message catalog then yes. This would be the way to go. I 
think ZBabel keeps all translated text in a central database while Localizer keeps the 
text tight together with the object instances ... there are pro and contra for both 
solutions ...

I will probably implement some product that export/import Localizer objects to XLIFF. 
That would be the best solution I think.

Let's see if this christmas holiday we'll help us come up with other ideas ;-)

Thanks for your help,

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