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This has been buggering me for ages, and I've spent too many hours trying to figure it out already, so I'm resorting to the list for help. :)
I have two functions, PlainFunc and DTMLFunc, where PlainFunc is Python method in a file system product, and DTMLFunc is a DTML Method in the ZODB.
What I want to do is this:
    ZPublisher calls PlainFunc (publishes it)
    PlainFunc calls DTMLFunc
in such a way that DTMLFunc gets everything it needs, e.g., namespace, but PlainFunc can do funky things to this namespace before-hand (like insert a few variables into it).  In other words, I want a Python method to wrap around a DTML method.
I've encountered many problems caused by the awkward calling conventions for DTML methods and the automagic switching between different calling conventions by the ZPublisher (isDocTemp; can I set that for a normal Python method?).  Right now, I'm struggeling because I cannot get the namespace to be passed to PlainFunc, therefore PlainFunc cannot pass the namespace on to DTMLFunc.  Any clues?
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