Mario Bianchi wrote at 2003-1-8 11:40 +0000:
 > I wonder if it is possible to change the security settings (the mapping of 
 > permissions to roles) on some object DYNAMICALLY, i.e. from python code 
 > instead of from the management interface. I need this feature to dynamically 
 > reflect the possible changes in the access rights of some files pointed by 
 > ExternalFile instances.
Yes, I think so.

The product "DCWorkflow" (in the CMF CVS repository) does something

  It modifies the role-permission mapping based on the current state.
  Thus, it is maybe not yet sufficiently dynamic for you.

  But perhaps, it shows you a way to go.

If it does not, you may look at "PermissionMapping".
This is a device that can map permissions to other permissions.
Almost surely, it can be made a ComputedAttribute and then
be completely dynamic.


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