Can I run 2 zope servers on one machine?
I have a machine that runs zope 2.5.1.  I want to run zope 2.6
on the same machine without taking 2.5.1 down.  Is this possible?

2.5.1 runs on port 7117 and I chose 7118 for 2.6. port.  What I got

   2003-01-13T14:39:44 PANIC(300) z2 Startup exception
   Traceback (innermost last):
     Module __main__, line 726, in ?
     Module ZServer.FTPServer, line 602, in __init__
     Module ZServer.medusa.ftp_server, line 727, in __init__
     Module ZServer.medusa.asyncore, line 306, in bind
   error: (125, 'Address already in use')

Would it be possible to run 2.6 on port 7118 and specify that
ftp for this zope server to use a specific ftp port?

[I'm just mumbling...  In the file ZServer/medusa.ftp_server
there is a definition of port=21 (line 701).  What happens if
I hack this and put some big number like 9221 instead?]


Tena Sakai

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