Yes, I do it all the time, as a Zope-hosting ISP.

1. You can forgo FTP (-f -) and just run HTTP, on different

2. You can use the -f option to and run FTP on a
   different IP address or port.

3. You can run HTTP only via some flavor of CGI, and then
   use Apache to map portions of the URL space to different
   servers, Zope or non-Zope.  This retains a single-webspace
   appearance to outside clients.

4. You can also do (3) using the proxy features of Apache.

The weak spot is always FTP, which doesn't support virtual
hosting or URL/filesystem space splicing, whereas Apache does
do both.


Tena Sakai wrote:

Can I run 2 zope servers on one machine?
I have a machine that runs zope 2.5.1. I want to run zope 2.6
on the same machine without taking 2.5.1 down. Is this possible?

2.5.1 runs on port 7117 and I chose 7118 for 2.6. port. What I got

2003-01-13T14:39:44 PANIC(300) z2 Startup exception
Traceback (innermost last):
Module __main__, line 726, in ?
Module ZServer.FTPServer, line 602, in __init__
Module ZServer.medusa.ftp_server, line 727, in __init__
Module ZServer.medusa.asyncore, line 306, in bind
error: (125, 'Address already in use')

Would it be possible to run 2.6 on port 7118 and specify that
ftp for this zope server to use a specific ftp port?

[I'm just mumbling... In the file ZServer/medusa.ftp_server
there is a definition of port=21 (line 701). What happens if
I hack this and put some big number like 9221 instead?]


Tena Sakai

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