seb bacon wrote:
Shane, AdaptableStorage is insane and beautiful - congratulations :-)
Thanks! I've been working on this for a long time. Two years ago a Digital Creations customer demanded proper object-relational mapping. The customer abandoned us for different reasons, but I feel like the root cause was our inability to fulfill that basic requirement. Ever since then I've focused on this. It took 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, yet inspiration accounted for 99% of the implementation. :-)

It could fit a possible project we have coming up where a requirement is to store content in an XML format inside MS SQL Server.
It should fit that use quite well, I think.

Do you have a TODO list? Are there any "particularly alpha" parts? I would need to get an idea of the risk I was taking on, but if the list is sufficiently small, I love to help mature and extend the product.
I didn't release the alpha until all the gnarly details were dealt with, like moving objects on the filesystem and implementing complex mappers. The only things left to do before calling it a "beta" release are:

- Implement specific mappers for more Zope 2 object types, like DTML methods, BTreeFolders, etc.

- Come up with a good manual cache invalidation scheme. Currently, you can disable the cache (or turn on "volatile" mode, which is really the same thing) and you'll see immediate updates, but you'll lose a lot of performance. There needs to be a way for applications that modify the database to tell Zope about the modification, so Zope can reset its caches.


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