Shane Hathaway wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:

Shane Hathaway wrote:

performance. There needs to be a way for applications that modify the database to tell Zope about the modification, so Zope can reset its caches.

But, IIRC, the last time this was discussed on a mailing list you had some cool ideas to sovle the problem, right?

Yes, but I want to hear other people's ideas first.  What do you think?
Isn't this a different problem for each kind of storage, e.g. MD5 hash for ext2, transaction ID for foo...? Or are you referring to a different aspect of the problem?

While reading the referenced thread on the subject, I found your description of the product design here:

Could this go in the docs/ directory of the product? The design, while very clean, doesn't lend itself to immediate understanding on a cursory view of the source...


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