Oliver Bleutgen wrote:
Shane Hathaway wrote:
I've seen it before, but I don't think FAM is able to monitor an entire directory tree. It only monitors individual files. I'd really like to be wrong. :-)

I think you are wrong, because the manpage (for IRIX) says otherwise.
Additionally, it wouldn't be of much use for kde etc. if it only could monitor files. I think a filemanager would mainly be interested in directory changes (files added/deleted).
I checked again. It is still limited to 1000 files or directories at a time. It's not meant for entire subtrees, it has to run as root, and it requires portmap, making it less attractive.

Then there's also dnotify (also reference from the FAM site) - there's hope that the "d" isn't an acronym for "file" ;).
I remember someting about recent 2.4.x versions having the prerequisites to use that.
Now this one is quite interesting. It requires at least kernel 2.4.19, so I guess I'm at the edge of kernel development. (!) It just might do the trick, and maybe even better than I hoped. Thanks.

I don't have any expirience on win32, but just searched google.
There's Win32::ChangeNotify for perl, described here

and this seems to use ReadDirectoryChangesW, decribed here:
Yep, that's it. With some "unicode update", it even works on Win95. But I'm going to leave the Windows work for someone else.


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