Chris Withers wrote:
Shane Hathaway wrote:

I'm thinking about "real-time" updates. When the underlying data changes, you'd like Zope to see the change immediately. If indefinite delays are OK, then AdaptableStorage already does enough: it raises a ConflictError if you try to write changes based on old data.
I think it depends on how you're using it, so I guess thsi wants to be configurable. Is that possible?
I think so.

How about having a seperate process which just watched the files and notifed Zope when they changed?
A definite possibility. It might even just poke an URL to send the notification.

I'm hoping to present a complete tutorial on AdaptableStorage at PyCon DC 2003.

I hope you'll make this availabel for those of us who can't make it...
Yes, I plan to, assuming they accept my proposal.


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