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Dieter Maurer wrote at 2003-1-24 09:13 +0100:
 > We have run in an apparent "BTrees" bug (with the "BTrees" version
 > included in Zope 2.5.1).
 >    We try to insert a value into an "BTrees.OOBTree.OOBTree" instance
 >    with 
 >      tree[k]= v
 >    and get an "exceptions.KeyError on 13384379A0pfvqTmtEQ".
 >    The code comes from Zope's "Transience" implementation.
 >    The reported key is some session key. We are not yet
 >    sure, however, whether it is the key we are just trying
 >    to insert.
 > Reading the "News.txt" of ZODB-3.2a1, this bug may not yet
 > be known.
 > We will install the "BTrees" package from ZODB-3.2a1 and
 > see whether the problem disappears.
 > I will report back...
It has been a false alarm. Sorry!

  The same problem occured with the new BTrees module.

  Therefore, I checked the error again and found,
  that the problem was not caused by "tree[k] = v"
  but by a nearby "del tree[k]" (which, of course, is entitled to raise

  When we had analysed the error for the first time, we happened
  to look at some slightly outdated source.

Viele Gre

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