Hi Shane

I have been thinking about this last night.

I think you should provide some sort of out of band signalling
method. But given that Adaptable Storage sits below ZODB, which sit's below Zope, I feel that the signalling method should be directed
at the lowest level. This means that method doesn't need to be exposed
to ZODB, and if people use ZODB without Zope they can use Adaptable
storage and not need Zope to perform the signalling through a URL.
(A Zope front end could then use it, or anything else for that matter)

I would suggest a something like a named pipe, and do a blocked read
from a python thread (would this be portable and can you actually do
that ;-). Then use a simple protocol of sending the path to the file
that has been changed. (That way you also get a FIFO queue of events.)
You could make it that if the path is a directory then everything under
could be treated as changed.
That would be pretty cool, since it's easy for scripts to add to the queue, and it gives you plenty of granularity. It wouldn't work under Windows, though, AFAIK. Maybe on Windows we could call back to a network socket that accepts the same kind of data.

(Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I got swamped.)


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