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The zope management interface has some robustness problems:

whenever you call manage_workspace (the normal way of managing a folder through the HTML Zope management interface) on a folder X, and some object y in that folder gives an error (fi, it has no title attribute, ) the whole folder becomes unmanageble. The only thing you can do at that point is to manually delete the problematic object by typing:


It seems to me that an object in a folder should not interfere with the management of the folder (at least, you should be able to throw the object out of the folder)

probably, a try/except or <dtml-try> in the right place fix this.

Or, you could assure that your objects all have titles (at least ="") if you want them managed through the ZMI. I have not seen this as a *requirement*, but every example of a zope object I have seen uses self.title=aString in __init__().
It is also important to have titles for most cataloging. Do you catalog your site? Is not title a good thing for searching? Might you catalog in the future?

Perhaps something for a BestPractices document(?) or wiki(?):

"ZMI-manageable objects have a title attribute. This is a string."

For a bit of context on the above, I put together a product that has title as a function (=[:30] of some content) some time ago. I have been led to understand that this was a bad idea because it breaks some cataloging.

Your idea of <dtml-try> does have merit IMHO. Should the ZMI really assume existence of anything other than "id" for objects?

-- Jim Washington

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