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Anitha George wrote at 2003-2-8 10:16 +0000:
 >        I am trying to develop a Document Management System in zope.The 
 > features that have to be implemented managing folders,maintaining versions 
 > of an object,uploading a file,etc.I believe Zope supports all these 
 > features.

It does but Zope provides less control over versions than you
would like for a document management system:

  You can not selectively control the versions of a document.
  You can only discard all (not current) versions older than
  a given time.

 > I am planning to build an interface above the Zope ZMI and use 
 > these features. For this I have to understand which are the library files 
 > which carry out this function of managing folders and maintaining versions. 

I suggest, you install my "DocFinder" product and look what
methods are provided by the relevant objects.

It also tells you about the class and its module (what you are calling
"library file") for the objects.


 > Could any of you please help me out in understanding the Zope API i.e which 
 > are the libraries and files used for the above mentioned features so that I 
 > can implement it in my appication. Please help me out.I would be really 
 > grateful.Thanks in advance.Awaiting a quick response.



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