Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:
I believe we should have a proper persitent protocol, either PGCI or
FastCGI (but probably not both, to avoid confusion), to connect Zope and
front-end webservers and we should also make an effort to keep the
connectors from major HTTP servers to those protocols in good shape.
Apache+FastCGI+Zope work really nice (sans RESPONSE.write() streamming
pages), but I couldn't get IIS+FastCGI to work no matter what I tried
(IIS insists in associating the fastcgi connector with an extension, no
matter what you do. Yes, you can associate it with all extensions. No,
it doesn't work).
FYI, SCGI is a new(ish) contender. It looks nice and simple, and it's designed for Python.



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