On 02/18/2003 09:16 AM, Andre Schubert wrote:
I try to explain what happens. Lets say i have a user called foo who
has Manager-Roles across a Zope-site. foo has added 2 DTMLMethods to
a folder called bar and foobar. foobar is called from inside bar
(<dtml-call foobar>). He also created a Role MSAdmin. bar is
accessible and visible by Anonymous Users. foobar is accessible and
visible by MSAdmin and Manager. If i view bar and login as a user
with MSAdmin-Roles everything works fine. But if i remove the
Manager-Role from foo who has created the two DTMLMethods i get the
above error.
Do you not want foo to have the Manager role?

I have the same problem with a really big Zope-Site where i have the
remove Manager-Roles from a specific user. The only solution i have
found is to recreate the DTMLMethods, but it is very hard to
reacreate all DTMLMethods created by foo.
I think you're asking for a "find + chown" utility, right? I don't know of one, but it sure would be nice to have. :-)


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