> > Semantic Web are based on RDF:
> > One path might be (not only one):
> > RDF -> DAML+OIL -> OIL -> Description Logics further for example FaCT ->
> > and so on.
> Please don't use so many new acronyms.  DAML and OIL are weird enough.
> FaCT?  ALC?  I have no idea what you just suggested. :-)

My idea was that one can stay with RDF, RDFS, other will want OIL or DAML
compatibile, and so on:)

All depends on what one want RDF storage, ontologies or semantic web:)

[Firstly OIL is based/uses description logic.
FaCT (Fast Classification of Terminologies) is description logic
system -classifier, reasoner.

> >     You can implement RDF almost in any SQL language, and be able to
> > rdfs.
> What does that mean?  Do you mean that an RDF database could have a SQL
> query interface?

There is RDF Query Specification:

Also there is DAML QL:

Check python's APIs:"RDFLib":
http://rdflib.net/2002/11/05/rdflib-1.1.0/ (may use ZODB)

There are also implemetation afaik in Java, php that store RDF in database,
and alow you to query it.

The best resourse list, I've seen, about RDF is "Dave Beckett's Resource
Description Framework (RDF) Resource Guide":
http://ilrt.org/discovery/rdf/resources/ search it for "query" or "python".

> >     I also consider this idea but I would do it more like RDFS - Folder
> > object with (rdf) properties containing other objects (subclasses). This
> > about "5" minutes of programing.
> I don't know what you're suggesting.

Shortly RDF can be thought as triples,
in RDFSchema you have classes, subclasses:)
If you think of folder as a class, you can inherite in sens of acquisition,
but the main problem is multiple-inheritance, acquisition can work but makes
it more complicated:).


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