I have been using that, and it is very nice, but it doesn't include METAL. I'm hoping that the author of that package implements METAL, so I can use his package. But if that doesn't work out, I need something to fall back on.

On Monday, February 24, 2003, at 11:25 PM, Barry Pederson wrote:

Kevin Smith wrote:
I am trying to make a stand-alone Page Templates packages that doesn't have any Zope dependencies. I was able to short circuit security and acquisition. I re-implemented MultiMapping in plain Python and made the Base class just an empty class.
This is passing most of the regression tests, but there is one big issue left. When a page template invokes something that is a function, it prints the equivalent of 'repr(function)' instead of 'function()'. What magic that goes on within Zope am I missing in my wrapper?

This doesn't answer the above question, and may not be suitable for Kevin's needs, but I thought I'd mention there's a pretty nice Zope-independent page template implementation at:


in case others have an interest in that sort of thing, and pretty amazingly - it does it with just two module files, so it's a piece of cake to use.


Kevin Smith

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