Clemens Robbenhaar wrote:
Hi Romain,

> Yo,
> > searching the zope site and googling yielded too many data and no info, > so I might as well ask it here.
> > We are very interested in finding out the exact HTTP Responses that the > zope server pushes towards the client.
> > So is there a low level hook for logging the http responses ?
> We want the exact response, complete with all header info etc.

There is no explicit hook, but you might add Your logging code in Zope/lib/python/ZPublicher/, for example in the 'write'
method of the HTTPResponse, or by wrapping the 'self.stdout' in __init__
by something that also logs the output before writing to the passed
'stdout' stream.

 Of course this most probably will bring performance down (or even the
complete Zope, if there is a simple typo in the hacked code ;-) I assume
You only need this for testing.

No. actually, it is for a production setup, so it would be preferable if it could be done without changing the zope source code [this gives all kinds of problems, extra work,... when we need to update a server]

We need this in our 3th line support, were we want to be able to follow all ins and outs for singled out user (fi filtered on cookie).
We also need to be able to turn this on/off at runtime.

We can sift out the user we want, turn off/on the logging, aso
in our own code, if we could just have a low level zope hook.
For the requests, we already have done this since there are plenty of hooks available. (yes, grep -i "someString" $(find ./ -name "*.py") is my friend ;) )

for Test/Development setups, we have plenty of options: proxying, sniffing, source code hacking, stepping with debugger,.....


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