On 02/26/2003 07:16 PM, Ross Boylan wrote:
I am working on a poll/survey type product and want to handle
responses by email as well as the web.  If you have any advice about
the best architecture, I would appreciate it.  I'm currently using
Zope 2.5 on Linux, though it would be nice if the solution weren't too
platform dependent.

My favorite solution is to run a short-lived ZEO client for each incoming email. You just set the PYTHONPATH environment variable to point to <zope>/lib/python (and INSTANCE_HOME if you need it), then in your Python script you "import Zope; app = Zope.app()". "app" now has unrestricted access to the whole database. When you're done, get_transaction().commit() and exit the process. From what I've seen, the ZEO connection setup overhead is usually less than one second.


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