By that way, I could send my own fault code and fault descriptions
via XML-RPC.

But as you can see, I have to extend ZOPE code, and I don't want to
do it, I have to work with standard releases of ZOPE.

Do you think that something like that would be improved in an early
future for next ZOPE releases?

Any opinion will be really appreciated.

This is easy to do in Zope 3. You just provide an XML-RPC view for your exception that returns the things you want.
Different exceptions can have different views.
The same exception can have a different view for plain browser-oriented HTTP, for FTP, and for XML-RPC.

If the "views" part of the Zope 3 component architecture gets back-ported to Zope 2, then you'll be able to use this with Zope 2.

Zope 3 has had only one alpha release, and is still undergoing a lot of change and further development. The mailing list for discussing it is [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Steve Alexander

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