Craeg K Strong wrote:
> I hate it when I surf to a less-highly-used portion of a website and
> have to wait 30 seconds for the page to render.  

Sure, we all do.

> One possibility is to add the ability to *declare* dependencies.
> Such an object could have an explicit listing of the objects on
> which it depends, and invalidate the cache appropriately whenever
> any of the dependent objects changed.

Unfortunately enumerating the dependencies of a document won't help
with the aforementioned first-time-rendering delay.  Prefetching can,
not that I'm advocating it, I offer that only as an observation.

That said I don't think a dependancy based caching strategy is a bad
idea.  It could obviate the need for time-based cache expiration in
some circumstances.  In the long run, it all depends on your usage
patterns as to whether it would pay off or not.

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