Jean Jordaan wrote:
Hi Shane, Toby ..

Set Tardis for

All I can think is that that object 'basic' lacks context for
some reason (i.e. lacks an acquisition wrapper?). I can't think
why it lacks context .. we use that idiom all over the app, and
don't normally get any problems.

That's all I can think of also. Try examining basic.aq_chain.

It looks like bad interaction with ZUnit:

(Pdb) license.propertysheets.basic
<ZInstanceSheet instance at 9a6f350>
(Pdb) license.propertysheets.basic.aq_chain
[<ZInstanceSheet instance at 9a6f350>, <License_PropertySheetsClass instance at 9a6f128>, <License instance at 9e19038>, <Specialist instance at 99ae6d8>, <Specialist instance at 996acd0>, <Folder instance at 9cad3b0>, *** AttributeError: testsRun

That AttributeError is awfully strange, but it does explain the lack of context. The chain needs to go all the way to the application and request container. Notice that the closing square bracket is not present, and something printed three asterisks. I don't know what code would do that... perhaps Python 1.5.2?


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