I am using Zope 2.6.1 with Python 2.2.2, knowing that this is not
officially supported.

There are no problems in general, but one thing really is annoying:

I start getting tracebacks that only indicate the line in the code where
the method that caused the traceback started. I don't get the actual
line of the error traced down.

This might be completely independent of using Python 2.2.2, so I'd like
to know if anybody else has made similar experiences with 2.6.1.

Another issue that might or might not be related is that I am getting
plain white pages rendered by ZPT if there is an error calling a
variable or so. Errors in the ZPT syntax and some runtime errors are
raised properly, but others just cause a white page to be rendered,
which is very hard to debug without using a debugger.



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