I've spent the last couple of days going through the Zope docs, mail
archives, and even googling, but I can't find a lot of information on
using PyOpenGL with Zope.  I've found a message from Anthony Pfrunder,
dated July 1999:
"Within the next few weeks I'll be releasing an extension patch to allow
the use of the Python Imaging Library and OpenGL with Zope."
And a blurb about PyOpenGL in Zope Newbie News, Jan 2001:
http://weblogs.userland.com/zopeNewbies/2001/01/24 It just mentions its
release but nothing about Zope.

So, has been done before? And if so, is there some documentation/guide
on getting it work?

Dunno, but what sort of integration are you expecting? Most things that work in any Python app (with the proper versions) can be made to work with Zope without too much trouble. Whether someone's made a Product around it is a different story. (Probably not, in this case.)


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