Hi! My name is Manoel from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
I'm very early in Zope.
I was wanting make my jobs with a good presentation. So I downloaded "Zope Website Documentation Tool". I followed the instructions. Unpacked the file, copy it to the "import" folder, gonne to root folder in Zope and then clicked "import" button.
Unceremoniousness Zope said to me : The object "broken" does not support this operation!
What this is mean?
Did I make something wrong?
Maybe I broke the object?
Anybody can help me?
I'm running Zope 2.6 in a Pentium 233 stand alone, under Windows 98SE and ZServer.

Manoel Filho
(55)(21) 3419-4459 
Cel. (55)(21) 9879-4684

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