We currently rely on two scripts for running our Zopes:

1. A modified version of zctl.py. I originally got it from a moribund wiki on the Zope site.
The main changes we've made have been to better separate parameters for Zope clients from
parameters for the ZEO server and to run an additional server of our own along side the ZEO
server (a simple distributed RAM Cache invalidation server).

2. A very simple sysv-init script that implements everything by calling the correct zctl.py.

It looks like the new install and startup world will be a huge improvement over the current
setup on the whole. I like moving the log files to their own directory.

The things that seemed to be missing from your writeup were:

Almost no mention of ZEO (only one mention of a "zeo client name" parameter). How does
ZEO fit into this?

I don't see an equivalent to "./zctl.py debug" anywhere. This starts up an interactive Python as
a ZEO client with ZServer and Zope imported and app = Zope.app(). I use it constantly. Please?

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