I was wanting make my jobs with a good presentation. So I downloaded "Zope Website Documentation Tool". I followed the instructions. Unpacked the file, copy it to the "import" folder, gonne to root folder in Zope and then clicked "import" button.
Unceremoniousness Zope said to me : The object "broken" does not support this operation!
What this is mean?
Did I make something wrong?
Maybe I broke the object?
Anybody can help me?
I'm running Zope 2.6 in a Pentium 233 stand alone, under Windows 98SE and ZServer.

Do you mean this? http://www.zope.org/Members/fquin/ZWebsiteDocumentationTool

If so, I see two possibilities:

1) you haven't installed Transparent Folder.
2) it seems somewhat old (Oct 2001), and may not work in newer versions of Zope.

You can contact the author to see if it is known to work on 2.6.

It may not be too hard to replicate this functionality (although I can't really glean from the website what that is, and I'm surprised you can.)

BTW, TransparentFolders are known to have serious performance penalties in some situations, so perhaps you would want to avoid something that makes heavy use of them.

Also, this seems to me more of a [EMAIL PROTECTED] question than a zope-dev one.


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