Max M wrote:
> A statement like that without an argument is worthless in a discussion. 
> You need to elaborate as we cannot read your mind and see what lies 
> behind the statement.

My statement wasn't really aimed at you, sorry, I'm not playing fair.
My statement was aimed at people who don't have to read my mind
because they've been informed, and I'm making it in a public forum to
be a pain the ass.

I've already mentioned I have outstanding security related bugs in the
collector, and as Toby noted I've been vocal on the value of process
seperation and resource limits.  This isn't a coincidence.

Without properly configured resource limits, it is trivial to use an
exposed Zope instance to exhaust host resources.  This isn't entirely
Zope's problem, this is usually an issue of misconfiguration.  For
example, until Zope 2.6, ZServer imposed no length limits on HTTP
request headers.  (These headers are read directly into memory, thus
it was fairly easy to exhaust the memory of a host without resource
limits.) When I found that out I reported it as a bug, and it was
promptly addressed. (kudos)  Now it could easily be argued, and I
wouldn't be inclined to really disagree, that header length limits
should be configured by the fronting server.  What I didn't appreciate
at the time is just how important a front-end proxy server is for
Zope.  If you expose Zope to a hostile network, it is mandatory.  So
now I don't consider this kind of thing a bug in Zope, unless Zope
happens to make it possible to drastically amplify the effects of such
an attack, (at which point crashing zope by running it into a resource
limit becomes trivial) and a front-end proxy is unable or unlikely to
thwart the attack.

Zope's bug collector hides security related bugs until they are deemed
worth of display by the controllers.  Personally I think full
disclosure is preferable to secrecy, but I'm willing to play by the
rules laid down as long as I think the system is working for the
general benefit of the community.  You may have noticed I haven't been
terribly secretive about recent cross site scripting or cache
poisoning issues, and that can be attributed to, in part, my growing
disastifaction with the system.

Jamie Heilman         
"Paranoia is a disease unto itself, and may I add, the person standing
 next to you may not be who they appear to be, so take precaution."
                                                -Sathington Willoughby

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