On March 10, Fred L. Drake, Jr. wrote:
> I'm not sure what you mean; it sounds like you're looking for either
> DBTab-style mounts or something different.  Please describe the
> configuration so we can be sure that there's some way to support it.

Yes, DBTab-style mounts are what I'm looking for.  

Shane says, 

> Hopefully, Zope 2.7 will integrate DBTab's functionality.

I took that at face value and assumed the rest of the crowd knew about

DBTab's only limitation is that it has hard-coded storage types (most
notably lacking is DirectoryStorage).  The way I see this resolved is
that DBTab knows nothing about storage types, but instead provides a
mechanism for each storage to declare its configuration to ZConfig.
I'm guessing the way to do that is to provide a ZConfig schema for
each storage that declares what it needs configured, and a mount-point
just needs a valid storage directive.  Is this possible?

I would also like to see the mounting mechanism work outside of Zope,
so that you can partition a standalone ZODB application.  That is
outside the immediate scope of this thread, but something perhaps to
keep in mind.


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