John Eikenberry wrote:

> Once you start a second thread ReadConflictErrors start getting raised.
> Which thread gets the conflict and which one keeps working seems variable
> (probably just a timing thing). If I start enough of these threads I can
> cause the error to happen. But only once the session timeout is reached.

Of course, once I finally post this I notice that the behaviour is not
really this way. If the sleep delay is set higher and in a way such that
the 2 threads won't run at the same time very often, they will both run
fine. Its only if they try to access the sessions at the same time that the
ReadConflictError gets raised.

Oh, and in my threading code I catch/print/ignore these errors so my
threads will keep going. The threads also do a full commit each time
through (to help better simulate actual usage).


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