Thanks much for the quick response. And good news, too!

Hum. In your opinion, what is the best way to do this? My constraints:

- I use both windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux 8
- I do *not* have a C/C++ compiler on Windows

Do I need to build Zope from source in order to use Python 2.2? Or can I simply get rid of $ZOPE/lib/python2.1 and replace it with
$ZOPE/lib/python2.2 (retrofit)? What are the ramifications of this choice?

Sorry for so many questions; I am trying to get the most stable setup I can,
while doing the least amount of setup work :-)

Thanks very much!


BTW, The answers to these questions should probably be on
or in a wiki somewhere, do you agree?

Chris McDonough wrote:

Hi Craeg,

2.6.X appears to work great with Python 2.2.  We even removed the
startup warning lately.  I'd go this way were I you as 2.7 is probably
still some time away and you almost certainly don't want to be tracking
the trunk, as its relatively volatile at the moment.

- C

On Fri, 2003-03-21 at 02:42, Craeg K Strong wrote:


I am using multiple third party Python libraries with Zope, and they are no longer
supporting Python 2.1.X at all. I am forced to upgrade to Python 2.2.X

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