I would be very interested in taking a look. :-)

Too bad the jabber library you used is unmaintained.



cguardia wrote:
I have used Zope+Jabber in the past, with an old version of a jabber library that seems to be unmaintained as of now. I copied the library code into a python product and used it from there.

I agree that it has many interesting uses. I used it for instant alerts of new tasks in an issue tracker, for creating simple multi-user games for cell-phones using WAP and even created a simple Windows client that published open windows in IE that had certain Zope manage URLs showing and warned developers when someone else opened the same Zope object for editing.

Sadly, I have had no time recently to complete these projects and evolve them into distributable products, so they stand as interesting experiments with no production-ready code. I could post the simple Zope product that I used for my experiments though, if anyone is interested.

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