Hi Charlie,

      > http://www.zope.org/Members/glpb/solaris/report_ps
There is a thing or two I can try out of this report.  Thanks.

      > Which relational DB is being used here?
      > It looks very much like ZODB, isn't
      > there a list for that?
We use Oracle.
I wonder if a race condition occurs as it tries
to open a few database connections at the outset.
No, that can't be!  No zope html connection is
established yet.


Tena Sakai

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On 2003-04-02 at 23:58:58 [+0200], you wrote:
> Thanks for your suggestion, Charlie.
> Are you suggesting that this is caused by some kind of race condition?
> It's hard for me to believe that such condition occurs as soon as the
> first user (me) hits return on the authentication/login panel.
> I would like to get someone's reponse on what I mentioned in the original
> mail.  Ie., do you or do you not think the numbers I mention are
> relevant?  Ie.,
>       Total number of objects in the database: 10561
>       Total number of objects in all caches: 2294
>       Target size: 400
>       Target max time between accesses: 60
> Is it true that bottom 2 numbers should be somewhat balanced against top
> two numbers?  And what is the ideal balance?
Check out the following, it may be relevant

I don't have *any* Solaris experience so I can't help very much

> PS:
> I want this particular issue/item to stay in zope-DB.  Please don't move
> this topic to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  I am not asking use/behavior of dtml or
> something of that nature. In Mailing List @zope.org, it says:
> This list will cover Zope's relationship with various relational
> databases (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.) All
> questions regarding Zope and databases are fair game on this list.

Which relational DB is being used here? It looks very much like ZODB, isn't
there a list for that?


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