Sorry if is OT.

I'd like ZODB and Zope to support Revisions. That is, historical copies
that do not get removed when ZODB is packed.

DirectoryStorage allows you to designate classes that should have all their history kept indefinitely. That may not have the flexibility that you need...

Does the Version mechanism contribute to this kind of functionality? I'd
like to be able to "tag" revisions of wiki pages and other documents, and
then be able to diff them later without having to create a special kind of
product for each object type that I'd like to use revisions for.

The accepted wisdom is that feature like this should be implemented in the application, above zodb. This has come up a few times on zodb-dev list.

There are extant app-space version-control implementations if you want to try them. They don't do the full range of things that, say, CVS does, but they aren't chopped liver either.

Look for ZopeVersioning and CMFStaging. Both can be (at least) browsed at


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