For the past few days I have been working on database conflicts stemming from 
ZCTextIndex (no pun intended). The version currently released causes 
conflicts for *any* concurrent index/unindex operation. I have changed both 
the lexicon and index classes to fix this. Now conflicts coming from the 
BTrees are the only ones you will get, and they are internally resolved in 
most cases.

Also, there was a bug in the query machinery that made it far more expensive 
for large indexes then it needs to be. This has also been fixed.

These improvements have now landed on the Zope head and 2.6 branch (soon to be 
2.6.2 beta 3 I think). Any of you running Zope in production with any amount 
of write concurrency should benefit. I ]encourage you to test the new 
ZCTextIndex code with your applications (in a test environment of course). 
You should be able to simply replace the ZCTextIndex product in your zope 
with the one in CVS (no reindex is necessary). I would certainly appreciate 
any feedback you might have on it.

Please note, that the code does make some minor data structure changes to the 
index and lexicon the first time they are updated. Therefore you cannot 
simply remove the new product and go back to the old one by swapping the 
code. You will need to rebuild your Lexicons and ZCTextIndexes to go back. 
The hope though, is that you'll never want to ;^)


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