However, it turned out that I never really used it. Instead, I always used my "DocFinder" product. I was therefore unimpressed when I read your "Zpydoc" announcement.



I don't think that developers make a very good audience for documentation tools anyway. I almost never use pydoc either... (As an aside, the thing I personally like about perldoc is the -m option which views the source code - I don't have to discover where the module lives on the path!!)

However, I want to provide my users with the ability to interact with our Zope products from PythonScripts/ZPT. They will not have access to these modules directly. They probably will not even have a local Zope installation.

I want a way to provide some useful and current documention with minimum effort on our part. This approach at the least gives function signatures and zope permissions for *all* Zope products (not just ours). It gives more information if one makes a concerted effort to use the doc strings.

I'm sure this model is in keeping with much of the wiki/portal community's documentation requirements - hence my wish to publicise the work, and perhaps get some involvement from people with a far greater knowledge of Python/Zope internals than I to make it into a useful tool for a wider community.

I am happy to (i) provide the infrastructure to progress development; (ii) offload it to anyone else who wishes to do so; (iii) continue to use it for our internal purposes in it's current form.

Cheers, Alan

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