Hi all

We're being chowed heavily by the KeyError discussed from the
13th to the 18th March in this thread:

Has there been any definite resolution of that issue? We're running
Zope 2.6.1, has the issue gone away on Zope 2.6.2?

In that thread a patch to TemporaryFolder.py was suggested
to deal with ReadConflictErrors, but we don't get those. The
suggestions regarding the KeyErrors was:

 1) to move to a different storage, such as BerkeleyStorage or
    DirectoryStorage, for the session data, or
 2) to "touch the objects that are likely to change early in the
    transaction." (Toby Dickenson).

Our errors are triggered in the bowels of XMLWidgets, so I don't
think 1) is a simple solution, and we don't want to do 2) if we
can avoid it. Have specific alternative session storages been
found to be free of this issue?

The initial report has been logged as a 'critical' error as
but it's still Pending.

Jean Jordaan

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