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On Wednesday, May 28, 2003, at 04:38 AM, Jeremy Hylton wrote:
[Please followup to zodb-dev.]

You made some changes to the mkzeoinst.py script in April.  I was busy
then, and I've just had a chance to look at the changes now.  I'd like
to discuss some of the changes, and I'm including a wider discussion
list to make sure we include anyone else who is interested.

A number of the changes are Zope specific. (For example, you can't even
run mkzeoinst.py without having a directory named "Zope" hanging off of
sys.path.) ZEO and ZODB are intended for use separately from the rest
of Zope, so we need to find a way to factor this out into a generic
configuration and a Zope-specific configuration.

Go for it :) [I'm in hard-core product development mode for a few months, so apart from critical Zope bugfixes along the way I'll not really be much use, sorry ... even Roundup is taking the back seat for a while ;)]

Perhaps Zope's mkzeoinstance should have all that Zope-specific stuff, and only hook into the mkzeoinst module for some of the generic functions. there may even be some more potential for sharing of code between mkzeoinstance and mkzopeinstance.

The other question I have is about the organization of software into a
Zope home and an instance home.  I'm not sure what the history of this
arrangement is, but I recommend that people do not configure their ZEO
servers to share software with their Zope app servers.  It can cause
fairly severe problems!

I was completely unaware of this, and have always run ZEO servers with the full complement of Products. I have no immediate suggestion for a solution to this problem. The big issue is really how are (potentially "dumb", point-n-click) users to know that they need to install product X in their ZEO server but not product Y? Dieter's solution of some configuration variable controlling this sounds like a really good idea, if possible.

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